Litigation paralegal resume

litigation paralegal resume

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To quell any confusions you may have, we have created a guide of helpful tips to adhere to when writing your paralegal resume. Resume tips for Paralegal, because paralegals do not serve the same function as lawyers, they are usually faced with different expectations as well. In many firms, paralegals can find niches which compliment their talents and interests, offering them a lot more flexibility that attorneys. To present your skills and interests in the best way, it is best to create separate versions of your resume for each opening. Nevertheless, there are a few general rules that are important for all of the paralegal resumes that you write. Put the most relevant information at the top of the page.

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Please provide a valid Email Address. Add resume (required option 1: Upload a file from your computer. Option 2: Paste resume text below. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability. Eeo, eeo poster Suppl, affimative action Policy). Paralegal Resume reviews samples and Writing guide 10 Examples resumeYard. Home, samples, paralegal Resume samples, unlike an attorney, there is no strict path to becoming a paralegal. Being a good paralegal comes with both experience and education, but the two do not have to go hand-in-hand. As a result, no two paralegal resumes are the same. With not many set requirements, it is understandable that paralegal hopefuls tempest are unsure about how to approach their resume creation.

Qualifications : Minimum and 3 years civil litigation experience. Must be able to professionally and confidently interact with clients, representatives of national legal organizations, court personnel, opposing counsel and firm personnel to facilitate successful practice. Paralegal certification preferred, solid understanding of az rules of civil Procedure (state and federal deadlines/rules). Proficient in Word, powerPoint, outlook adobe Acrobat. Pay is doe, if you believe that you have the right skill set for this position, then please send your resume in Word format. Please fill in the highlighted fields. Please upload your resume using one of these formats:.doc, docx.

litigation paralegal resume

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For the detail-oriented, self-starter who appreciates being able to wear many hats, litigation Paralegal is a fruitful pursuit. Check out our Top Online paralegal Programs. Home legal Jobs job Details, job Code: 38177423, next Steps: Special counsel is currently recruiting for experienced Litigation Paralegals for a fantastic Phoenix Law Firm. We are seeking well organized individuals with great attention to detail. Job Responsibilities: Drafting legal documents such as complaints, interrogatories, depositions, requests for admissions, requests for production, subpoenas, motions, etc. Compiling, analyzing, and summarizing data, performing legal research managing files. Performing factual and technical investigation and analysis of case issues. Assist in case preparation, including discovery and trial. Account for daily time and detail of work on each case through online time tracking systems; Other duties and responsibilities as requested by the client.

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litigation paralegal resume

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Still, in other cases, if an individual has a background in a career that lends itself to their area of law, they may be willing to accept a candidate without a degree or a certificate. There is journal an ever-increasing range of opportunities for paralegal jobs given the need for litigators these days. Aside from areas of law already cited, there is a growing need for paralegals in real estate, employee benefits and immigration law. Corporate paralegals are instrumental in preparing employee contracts, stock-option plans, shareholder agreements and the companys annual financial reports. Given the government regulations that continue to grow, there is increasing need to ensure companies are aware of the legal requirements with which they must comply.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a growth rate as high as 28 percent extending into 2018. When considering the specialized areas of medical malpractice, product liability, bankruptcy and community legal service programs, there is a strong demand expected. As of 2012, the median pay was determined to be 46,990 per year, which equates.59 per hour. This range assumes an Associates degree without any experience in the related occupation. The demand for strong computer and database management skills is taking precedence as technology continues to rule the day. Overall, the litigation paralegal is the perfect match for the hit-the-ground-running type of personality. It remains a position that places intense demands on the individual working and is typically a full-time position.

If there is need for post-trial interviews with the jury, the litigation paralegal will conduct them. After all is said and done, the litigation paralegal is the one to review and prepare material either for storage or disposal once the case has been closed. As recently as 2010, there was not a mandatory requirement for paralegals to be certified despite the fact that states were considering this. Organizations such as the national Association of Legal Assistants (nala) and the American Alliance of Paralegals (AAP) have offered voluntary certification. Certification is the path that means the smallest time commitment.

Where associate and bachelors degree programs provide core education requirements in the basics, such as English, math, Science and Social Studies in addition to the pertinent paralegal work, there is no universal requirement at this time for paralegal jobs. Aba approved Programs, the American Bar Association (ABA) approves of the educational programs available to students pursuing paralegal education, however, there are only about 25 percent of the degree programs available that are aba approved. The pertinent courses or work experience cover law and ethics, legal writing, legal research, personal injury, business and family law and intellectual property. There is high-importance placed on the skills of written and verbal communications. The direction that certification represents is the intent to continue education typically associated with renewing the credentials. This is what most distance learning and auto-didactic education has resulted in for employers to gain a sense of commitment from the prospective employee. Some employers are prepared to provide on-the-job training for new hires out of college holding a bachelors degree without benefit of legal experience. Certificate programs provide extensive paralegal training for candidates who hold a degree, and there are courses that take just a few months to complete. Internships offer the opportunity to become immersed in the practical application of the law whether in a corporate legal department, as a legal aid in an organization or for a government agency.

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They will also be required to calendar filing deadlines and hearing dates and file documents with federal and state courts. Handling document production requires intensive focus book on organizing, reviewing and analyzing documents for production including medical records, scientific discovery and e-discovery. Research may span newspapers, periodicals, libraries, trade associations, media outlets or authorities, such as police and fire departments. Litigation, litigation paralegals do everything to support the trial process including preparing and handling exhibits, assisting in preparing witnesses and voir dire in jury selection, taking notes before and during trial and managing trial documents. In addition to acting as liaison between internal contacts and external agencies or sources, they serve as same between attorneys and in-house staff. They coordinate and help essays set-up the trial logistics, observe the jury, take notes and mark documents as they are identified by counsel in the process of the trial as well as ordering transcripts from reporting services. They create, bind and distribute file copies as well as oversee fulfillment of requests to supply outside counsel or other sources with transcripts or courtesy copies. Post-Trial, Appeal and Disposal, when a case goes to settlement, there is preparation needed including the information and data that are required to support the terms of the settlement. This includes producing the settlement brochures, drafting the settlement agreements and releases, producing distribution statements and negotiation the event of appeal, there is yet more documentation and organizing with regard to identifying the areas that support the appeal or a joint appendix, assisting in researching.

litigation paralegal resume

The person or persons assisting the attorney through litigation initiating a case, the discovery process, the trial, post-trial findings and appeals, if any, is the litigation Paralegal. Although these two terms tend to be used interchangeably, the distinction must be made as to the separation of duties. The term legal assistant is commonly used to refer to a legal secretary and may extend to the paralegal assistant. The litigation paralegal comes to the job with more education and/or work experience to directly assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services that only they may perform. While the paralegal plays an instrumental role in resolving lawsuits, he or she cannot: Dispense legal advice, represent clients in a court of law. Sign documents filed with the court. Establish legal fees, documenting the record, whether working in a law firm, for the government, in the legal department of a corporation or in other legal practice environments, documentation is everything. The work product in a personal injury case, a bankruptcy, contract or corporate law covers all the facts whether in the form of a conversation with clients or witnesses, interviews, phone calls, emails, creating a chronology of facts, interrogatories, deposition notices and ey must draft. In addition, the paralegal is responsible for maintaining the record in accordance with the expectations and protocols of the court including Bates-stamping, duplication, redaction, indexing cases and appellate documents.

university,. Post, brookville, new York. Approved by the American Bar Association. People seek the support of an attorney for their scope of knowledge, skill and hard work performed on behalf of fighting for the clients interests in a legal case or settlement. On the surface, all credit goes to the attorney, as it should. The attorney has studied and earned one or more degrees, obtained whatever licensure is required to practice in any given state for their chosen area of law plus working hard to establish a practice. What goes on behind the scenes is an almost unfathomable amount of effort that must carry on throughout the litigation process from start to finish.

Liaison between attorneys, clients, healthcare providers, insurance carriers, law firms, and government agencies. Ensure open lines of communication and satisfaction of deadlines through execution of dated correspondence. Perform computerized and law library research to obtain life and gather case-relevant data and materials. Prepare content-specific case files for attorneys reflecting supporting forms, documentation, and photographs to use during client presentations, and index/ cross-reference network database information. Legal Assistant, funds Recovery, inc., levittown, new York 2/94 - 8/99. Collaborated with Collections, medical Billing, and Finance departments to obtain documentation pertaining to the status of more than 50 weekly referred collections cases forwarded to the legal Department. Carefully sourced and selected bonded attorneys across the United States utilizing the American Lawyers quarterly, commercial Bar Directory, national Directory list, and Columbia directory list; determined the appropriate choice upon obtainment and review of resumes, insurance policies, and court filing fees. Integrated traditional investigative methods and dakcs database system to gather account histories and case-sensitive documentation for attorneys, including credit bureau reports, court affidavits, judgments, skip tracing records, bankruptcy notices, banking statements, proof-of-assets, and trial letters.

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Jenkins 98a forrest avenue Brentwood, new York 11717 (631) email protected, paralegal assistant, experienced, certified Paralegal with excellent office self management and client relation skills seeking a position within a corporate legal department where a working knowledge of legal terminology, general law, and legal proceedings pertaining. Detail-oriented with excellent research, investigative, and reporting skills. Exercise independent judgment and decision-making abilities, and a high level of confidentiality. Uphold the ethical standards of the legal profession. Windows 98, word Perfect.0, lexis/ nexis, matlaw, mcKinley's, darkcs. Time Slips/ Time reporter, forms of Bankruptcy (F.O.B). Professional experience, paralegal, nevins associates, Brentonwoods, new York 8/99 - present. Report directly to four attorneys with broad ranged responsibilities that encompass timely and complex preparation of cases from discovery to trial phase. Coordinate multifaceted office functions encompassing court calendar management, retainment of court reporters, and scheduling of conference rooms for deposition proceedings.

Litigation paralegal resume
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  1. Improved filing database by systematically arranging litigation files and introducing an improved file-opening. A paralegal assists lawyers with legal proceedings. Offered support for transactional and litigation attorneys and perform legal research depending on the case handled.

  2. What is a litigation Paralegal? People seek the support of an attorney for their scope of knowledge, skill and hard work 10 Resume tips for Paralegals. 20 reasons to become a paralegal. Create your own professional Paralegal resume with our writing guide and tips right now. A competent and meticulous Air Force (AF) Paralegal Reservist and Litigation Assistant providing. Related cover Letter resume.

  3. Civil Litigation Specialist/Office manager. We found 70 Images in Litigation Paralegal Resume gallery: More than ever, as a job seeker you have immediate access to notices and advertisements. Our client, a boutique commercial litigation firm is in need of a litigation Paralegal to assist. Job applying for (leave blank if none). Resume sample of a paralegal with excellent office management and client relation skills seeking a position within a corporate legal department.

  4. Take after the rules in this Litigation Paralegal Resume article. Job detail for Litigation Paralegal located in Phoenix, Arizona Apply today. Please upload your resume using one of these formats:.doc, docx. Back to legal Resumes. Law offices of brendan ellis, santa fe,.

  5. Use this Sample litigation Paralegal Resume example to help you improve your resume and get noticed by hiring managers. Senior Sample litigation Paralegal Resume litigation case manager resume sample vinodomia paralegal by jason brown ideas paralegal Sample litigation. Litigation Paralegal Resume paralegal Resume samples Personal Injury paralegal Job Description. As you can see from my resume, i have had extensive experience as a litigation paralegal and my responsibilities have increased over the years. Need to know how to compose a resume that isolates you from your opposition?

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