The highwayman essay

the highwayman essay

The highwayman, summary superSummary

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The gun shots scaring them so much, they fear the worst. They begin saying goodbye to each other and to their loved ones, as death is imminent. The stage story breaks through the forest on to the plains. The fog lifting, they can see the light of the soon to rise sun, though day is still hours a way. London is not far, they have completed their journey. The driver slows the horses to a gallop. The rifleman sinks back in the bench, spent. The game is over. The passengers begin cheering that they have not been killed, and that they have reached London unhurt.

the highwayman essay

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He looks down the barrel at the rifleman, his weapon pointing back at him. He rides straight, aims, and fires. The bench explodes next to the rifleman as a bullet drives it self in to the stage, closely missing him. He continues aiming at the bandit, looks him in the eye, breathes out, holds his breath, and fires. The highwayman does not feel the bullet enter his chest, so much as the force knocking him off his horse. He crashes to the ground, his horse riding away in to the night. He lays there dying, breathing in his last breaths, says a silent good bye to his family, and the air escapes from his lungs, never to return. The passengers huddling on the floor of the stage.

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the highwayman essay

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The rifleman waits, scanning the forest as it streaks past, essay his nerves building a lump in his throat. The highwayman can now see the stage in its entirety. The rifleman ready, will see him. Now is the time to strike. He is surprised at the speed of the coach, the cargo must be must be important. The passengers pray that they complete the trip, curse the driver for the speed. Not knowing of the dangers out side, clutching to each other, they sit on the floor of the coach.

Scared, they wait for the hellish ride intuit to end. Kicking his horse, he bursts from his hiding place, flying toward the coach, his pistol raised, ready to fire. He banks from left to right as he intercepts the stage. The rifleman raises his weapon, looks down the long barrel at the approaching Highwayman. Tracking left to right and aiming at the highwayman, he glances at his pistol, then he centers his rifle on the highwayman, and hesitates, knowing that he has only one shot. Though the pistol at his side reassures him, because should he miss, he is not out of the game. The highwayman takes aim with his pistol.

He knows that quickly he will see the light and the stage that brings. And then they will be able to see him. His rifle is ready in his arms, ready to rise to his shoulder, take aim, and fire. The lantern throws ghostly shadows as the coach rushes by the surrounding trees. The experienced eyes of the rifleman, watching everything as it flies by, waits for that movement, that shape, that does not belong.

He listens to the sound of air rushing past, the sound of the horses, listening to their hooves as they strike ground and gulp for air in the night. He listens for the sound that does not meld with the others, the of beat of a third horse. He can see the light now, his anticipation building, his heart beating, over powering the sound of the stage, smothering the sounds of the horses pulling. His pistol ready, in his shaking hand. His other hand holds the reigns, his feet ready to propel the horse onward, to overtake the stage. Waiting for the right moment, waiting to strike.

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Not every night, but often enough for his family to live better than most. Passing through a small wooded area, the stage continued at its rapid pace, the horses sweating, pulling the large stage coach and its five passengers. The rifleman, ever intent, tenses, telling the driver to push the animals even harder. The two horses, life running as fast as they can, try to comply, but they gain no speed. The passengers, jumping at every bump in the road, wishing the ride over, holding fast to the coach, expecting any minute for the stage to roll on its side. They were waiting for the highwayman to strike. Behind a wall of fog that hides him from the stage, not making a sound, he waits. He is waiting for the right moment to ride forth.

the highwayman essay

The jumped at every bump in the road that the wheels struck. Clutching their baggage close, they prayed that the night would pass quickly. The highwayman, alerted to the approaching stage, was hidden by the road, and concealed by the fog, he was not yet able to discern the light from the quickly approaching lantern. Clutching his pistol, his only weapon, he planned to take all the that he desired from the stage. His family was at home, sitting by the fire. His late night occupation provided their home, food and clothing. During the day he works in a stable for the nearby English noble. Feeding and grooming writing their horses, only he knows the stable well enough to "barrow " a horse.

large, but his experience was priceless. He was accompanied by another man with a large rifle. The rifleman had keen eyes and his ears were at attention, listening over the horses for oncoming riders; for the highwaymen who prayed on the stages. Long after the sun had set, not a sound had been heard over the consistent clip-clop of the horses. Their hooves hit the dirt road, broadcasting a message for nearly a mile of the nearing prey. The sound alerting all the nearby predators to keep a good watch, to be ready, for the prize will soon be in their grasp. The fog, like a blanket spreading it self out on the land, concealed all stars, the only light was from a lantern suspended above the stage driver. The passengers nervous, expecting to hear shots fired.

Imagery black cascade of perfume came tumbling over his breast. External conflict a conflict between a character and another person or nature internal conflict a conflict between a character and himself ballad a poem with a song-like quality, usually with a romantic theme narrative poem a poem that your tells a story rhythm and meter. Simile, his hair like moldy hay. Alfred noyes The highwayman alfred noyes the highwayman, crossdomain. Xml, wp p, sitemap. Xml, pen singam meera jasmine hot stills, vampire kisses blood relatives claude, actress meera jasmine photos, meera jasmine hot stills, engineered wood beams, meera jasmine hot new, what is engineered wood, engineered wood trusses, engineered wood siding, water flame lighter, turboflame lighter, torch flame lighter. Their journey to london was not a long one, but in the night, it was a treacherous one. A rolling fog covered the land, one couldn't see twenty feet ahead, but in the still, quiet night, sound carried for a mile.

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20 terms metaphor, the wind was a torrent of darkness. Simile, dumb as a dog he listened. Alliteration, his face burned like a brand as the black cascade of perfume. Had they heard it? Personification, there was death at every window. Repetition, then look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight, i'll come to thee essay by moonlight. King george's men came marching up to the old inn door. Stanza a group of lines in a poem similar to a paragraph in an essay hook for the poem, set the Scene clincher for the poem, hook and Return emphatic verb. I did love the poem "The highwayman." I do recommend it to everyone!

The highwayman essay
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  1. The speaker of "The highwayman " spends a lot of time talking about the way the main characters look. We get tons of detail about the highwayman's snappy dressing. The highwayman Literary devices. The wind was a torrent of darkness. A group of lines in a poem similar to a paragraph in an essay.

  2. This preview is partially blurred. Sign up to view the complete essay. In this essay, i intend to examine the storylines, themes and language of The highwayman and The lady of Shalott and then explain why i think that one of the poems is more powerful than the other one. The Project Gutenberg ebook of The Slang Dictionary, by john Camden Hotten This ebook is for the use earth after essay years of anyone anywhere bess essay highwayman descriptive the at. The leading information resource for the entertainment industry.

  3. In the following essay, semansky delineates the reasons for the popularity of The highwayman, pointing to noyess use of suspense, physical description, and imagery. The free english Composition research paper (The highwayman essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. In this lesson, you'll learn what a topic with essay highwayman thesis the poem sentence is and how topic sentences can make your writing clearer and more interesting. Most helpful essay resource ever! chris Stochs, student @ uc berkeley.

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