How to write a training proposal

how to write a training proposal

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Letters from local resources supporting the project (included in the Appendix) are an excellent addition to the proposal. Refer back to your Staff/Administration section and identify those people who will actually be paid from the grant - these are the ones to be identified in this section Include short descriptions of each of the people who will be involved in your project and. The descriptions should clarify in the mind of the potential funding agency that these people are ideally suited to conduct the project. Instead of having all full-time staff on the project, consider having a number of part-time staff - especially if the part-time staff currently work with other cooperating organizations. This is a good way to show inter-agency collaboration. Make sure you notify people who you identify in your Personnel section and receive their approval before you send in your proposal.

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You can enlist the write support of a variety of other agencies/organizations by placing a representative of these agencies/organizations on your Steering Committee. Make sure you define the length of service for the members of the Steering Committee (so that membership can rotate and you can minimize the length of service of someone who may not be helpful!). A steering Committee can greatly help in identifying and linking to other resources. A viable Steering Committee can suggest to a funding agency that the project has strong links to the local situation and the project has a good chance of continuing after the funding period is over. Collaborative efforts (an important project resource) are usually considered very favorably! Many funding agencies like to see cooperative ventures as the basis for local action. In other words, the funding agency's dollars are being brought together with other existing feather organizations that are already committed and involved in dealing with the needs that the project is responding. Sometimes local resources go unnoticed and are difficult to see. Look carefully around you because there are certain to be resources that you have available that you may not be noticing (time that volunteers donate to your project, materials that local merchants may provide, local experts who can provide help/advise when needed, a friend who. Such in-kind resources can show a potential funding agency that you are strongly rooted in your community. It is very impressive to a prospective funding agency if local resources have already been contacted and plans to include them in the project have already been made.

The descriptions of your personnel should let the funding agency know that you have excellent people who are committed to the project. You are not asking the funding agency to "trust" you. The validity for what you are proposing is directly related to the people who will work with the project. Working together as a essay part of a team is something that funding agencies often like to see. Try making your project a team effort. If you will be using a steering Committee (Advisory committee, governing board, etc.) to assist in your project, this is a good place to describe how it will be organized and who will be included. A steering Committee can be politically very helpful to you and your project.

how to write a training proposal

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A good way to show collaboration is in the methods that you will be using. How will the methods for your project encourage groups to join together in dealing with the issues/concerns your project addresses? Your Methods section should clearly indicate how the methods that will be used will allow the outcomes of your project to have value for others beyond your project. (This can also tie into your Dissemination Plan - see the Appendices section for more hints on dissemination.) Use this section to describe the roles of the different people associated with your project and the importance of each. Make sure to clarify how each of the roles are essential to the success of the project and each role clearly relates to operationalizing the methods you have described. So what do you say about your key people? To start, make sure you include name, title, experience, and qualifications. Include other information if you feel it's essay important to the success of your project.

If you are dealing with "things" it is easier for them to be measured than if you are dealing with abstract ideas. Your proposal is easier for a prospective funding organization to understand (and the outcomes are much more clear) if you describe your objectives in measurable ways. There should be a very clear link between the methods you describe in this section and the objectives you have previously defined. Be explicit in your writing and state exactly how the methods you have chosen will fulfill your project's objectives and help deal with the needs/problems on which your proposal is focused. The prospective funding agency will be looking at your methods to see what it is that you are proposing that will be new, unique or innovative. Make sure you clearly present the innovative aspects of your idea. Are the specific methods you are proposing for your project very important to your unique clientele? Make sure you clarify this for the funding organization. Do not forget to include the collaborative relationships your project will be developing with other cooperating groups.

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how to write a training proposal

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(Geographic location, language expertise, prior involvements in this area, close relationship to the project clientele, etc.) When you get to the methods Section of your proposal it will be important to refer back to the needs you've identified in this section (and show how your. It can really help gain funding support for your project if you have already taken some small steps to begin your project. An excellent small step that can occur prior to requesting funding is a need assessment that you conduct (survey, interviews, focus groups, etc.). Write up your need assessment as a short Report, cite the report in your proposal, and include a copy with the proposal. This is an excellent section to have the reader begin to understand that an ongoing approach to the problem is essential (assuming that you are proposing a project that is ongoing in nature) and that short term responses may have negligible effect. This can begin to establish a rationale for why your project needs external funding - it seeks to provide a long term response. Try and differentiate between sad your goals and your objectives - and include both.

Goals are the large statements of what you hope to accomplish but usually aren't very measurable. They create the setting for what you are proposing. Objectives are operational, tell specific things you will be accomplishing in your project, and are very measurable. Your objectives will form the basis for the activites of your project and will also serve as the basis for the evaluation of your project. Try to insure that there is considerable overlap between the goals and objectives for your proposal and the goals and objectives of the funding organization. If there is not a strong overlap of goals and objectives then it might be best to identify a different funding organization. Present measurable objectives for your project.

Uncertain outcomes, does not have relevant experience, problem is not important. Proposal is unfocused, project is too large. It may be easier to think of this section as a review of Relevant Literature." Cite previous projects and studies that are similar to what you are proposing. Show the funding agency that you know what you are proposing because you are familiar with what has preceded you. Try to be careful in your use of language. It can very helpful to have a friend, outside of your area of focus/expertise, read your proposal to make sure that the language is readable and minimizes the use of: jargon trendy or "in" words abbreviations colloquial expressions redundant phrases confusing language, position your project.

Use the statement of the problem to show that your proposed project is definitely needed and should be funded. It is essential to include a well documented statement of the need/problem that is the basis for your project. What are the pressing problems that you want to address? How do you know these problems are important? What other sources/programs similarly support these needs as major needs? Check to see that the potential funding agency is committed to the same needs/problems that your proposal addresses. Clearly indicate how the problems that will be addressed in your project will help the potential funding agency in fulfilling their own goals and objectives. As you write, keep the funding agency in your mind as a "cooperating partner" committed to the same concerns that you are. Is there a special reason why you and/or your organization are uniquely suited to conduct the project?

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If you essay will be collaborating with other organizations make sure some of their interests are also highlighted in the Project overview. This can assist in strengthening the collaboration by your recognizing them at the very beginning of your proposal. The best time to prepare the Project overview is after you have completed the entire proposal (and you understand all aspects of your proposal very well). Let the overview be your last piece of writing and then insert it at the beginning of your proposal. Try to keep in mind that someone will be reviewing your proposal and you would like to have this person be very positive about what you have written. The Project overview will probably form a strong impression in the mind of the reviewer. Work on your Project overview so that you can avoid giving this person the opportunity to say things like: Not an original idea, rationale is weak, writing is vague.

how to write a training proposal

When all else fails try using a two part title with the parts separated by a colon (use only as a last resort!). Do not attempt to use the title as an abstract of your homework entire proposal. Think of the Project overview as an Executive summary (the busy executive probably only has enough time to read your overview - not the entire proposal). Be specific and concise. Do not go into detail on aspects of your proposal that are further clarified at a later point in your proposal. The Project overview should "paint a picture" of your proposal in the mind of the reader. It should establish the framework so that the rest of the proposal has a frame of reference. Use the Project overview to begin to show your knowledge of the organization from which you are requesting funds. Key concerns of the funding organization can be briefly identified in relation to your proposed project.

necessary for understanding. Title #1 has too many words. Title #2 is just as clear but with fewer words. Title #1, the systematic development of a local Initiative to Create a learning Center for Community Education. Title #2, a local learning Center for Community Education. Try and use only a single sentence for your title. If the sentence is getting too long try removing some words.

A good title should paint a quick picture for the reader short of the key idea(s) of your project. The words you use in your title should clearly reflect the focus of your proposal. The most important words should come first, then the less important words. Notice that both of the following titles use basically the same words, except in a different order. The project with Title #1 appears to be focused. The project with Title #2 appears to be focused. However, both projects are the same!

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Check to see if the agency you have in mind has any specifications for the title page (often they have a required format). Usually the title/cover Page includes signatures of key people in your organization (Department head, supervisor, contracts Officer, etc.). If your proposal is built on collaborating with other groups/organizations it is usually a good idea to include their names on the title/cover Page. Your cover should look professional and neat. However, do not waste time using fancy summary report covers, expensive binding, or other procedures that may send the wrong message to the potential funding agency. You are trying to impress the potential funding agency with how you really need funding, not the message that you do things rather expensively! The title should be clear and unambiguous (do not make it "cute. Think of your title as a mini-abstract.

How to write a training proposal
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