Elad alon thesis

elad alon thesis

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96 skylark mini uav drones were deployed, and the yahalom combat engineering unit conducted tunnel searches. 99 Fifty bedouin idf trackers were also used. 78 day 1 Late into the night of Thursday, 12 June, teenagers Yifrach, Fraenkel, and Shaer were waiting at geva'ot Intersection, west of the settlement of Alon Shvut in the Etzion Bloc south of Jerusalem, soon after 22:15, looking to catch a ride heading west. The kidnappers intended to kidnap one Israeli. Apparently yifrach, after accepting a ride, waved to the other two to join him. The palestinians, afraid of giving their identity away if they spoke hebrew, didn't dare object. 33 After the car veered off from the declared direction of Ashkelon, the three realized they had been kidnapped and Shaer telephoned the police at 22:25, whispering, "i've been kidnapped." 33 100 Eight attempts were made to page the caller's cellphone, without checking its ownership.

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33 Altogether, he met with Marwan five or six times before the kidnapping. The plan was to conceal one kidnapped Israeli in Marwan Qawasme's barbershop in Hebron, then transfer him to marwan's aunt's vacant house. A first attempt on 10 June failed to find any hitchhikers. 33 There was no intention to release the boys: from the outset the plan, considered amateurish and not professional, envisaged murdering the captives. The plot of land where they were buried had been purchased to that end some time earlier, and a refuge write to escape detection had been prepared in an old house near Tufah where the two suspects hid in a disused cesspit for five days. 93 The car for the kidnapping had been stolen. Week 1 (1219 June) Netanyahu asserted that the attack originated from pa-controlled areas, and criticized the fatah-Hamas pact. 94 In the first week, israel added a further three to the six combat brigades already present in the west Bank. 95 Close to 40 battalions were engaged in rounding up suspects, 96 notably the paratroopers' 35th division and the Kfir's 900th division. 97 Other specialized groups, such as the duvdevan Unit, 98 the Egoz reconnaissance Unit and the airborne rescue and evacuation Unit 669 96 supplement the search force.

91 Investigation conclusion The investigation concluded that the kidnapping operation's costs ran to nis 220,000, a essay sum procured by hossam Hassan Kawasmeh (40 with the assistance of his brother, mahmoud, who was exiled to the gaza strip in the gilad Shalit exchange in november 2011. The cars were purchased from Nuh Abu-eisha, the weapons from Hamas operative adnan Mahmad izzat Zru (34) both Hebronites. His attempt to escape to jordan, thwarted when he was arrested in the Shuafat refugee camp on 11 July, was assisted by his relatives Hisham Kawasmeh (45 jamil Kawasmeh (38) and Hassan Kawasmeh (45) a hamas militant. Two other Hebronites, Ahmad Ibrahim Mahmad Kawasmeh (64) and his brother, senior Hamas operative arafat Ibrahim Mahmad Kawasmeh (50) for assistance in going into hiding, and the latter concealed them on his property. 92 On, hussam Qawasmeh was sentenced to three life terms in prison for the murders as well as a compensation payment of 63,000 to the victims' families. 48 Sequence of events Prelude According to Israeli investigations, the seizure and killing of the three was organized by hussam Qawasmeh, who had received 39,000 from his brother Mahmoud in gaza, via a go-between still at large. The money financed the purchase of three m-16 rifles, a jeep, and the Israeli car, which was bought from a used-car dealer in Hebron after it was stolen from the settlement of tzur Hadassah.

elad alon thesis

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86 Suspects killings The two suspects Marwan Kawasme and Amar Abu aysha were staying in a house in Hebron when idf soldiers and Israeli counter-terrorism members, yamam, surrounded the building summary at dawn on 23 September in an attempt to arrest the suspects. Israeli forces opened fire on the building and reportedly called on the two suspects to come out. With no response the Israeli force began using a bulldozer to bring down the building. According to Israeli forces, they shot one of the men as his head rose out of a hole and began firing a rifle. After this man fell back into the home, likely dead, Israeli forces again opened fire on the house, utilizing grenades and other explosives this time, killing both men. 87 88 Hebron governor Kamel Hmeid and Hamas spokesman Salah Bardawil both called the suspects martyrs. 89 90 Hamas leader Khaled Mashal also called the suspects "martyrs" and "heroes".

82 by the time of his arrest, kaswasme had shaved his beard and received a fake passport, in what is believed to be, part of a plan to escape to jordan. 83 Officials have stated that additional people arrested in connection with the murders are still being held, but no names have been released. 84 On 20 August, hamas member Saleh al-Arouri, who lives in Turkey, claimed Hamas' involvement in the abduction and murder, according to an Israeli channel 2 translation. He continued on calling the men who perpetrated the act heroic. 85 Hugh lovatt of the european council on Foreign Relations said al-Arouri's claim was "suspicious it might reflect a desire to assert his relevance within the hamas leadership or it may be true, and reflect a power struggle within Hamas itself. 37 On 21 August Hamas leader Khaled Mashal claimed Hamas leadership had no prior knowledge of the abductions and murders and had learned about them through the Israeli military. 40 The following day, ngo shurat hadin, contacted us attorney general Eric Holder to request extradition of al-Arouri. Although Turkey and Israel do not have an extradition agreement, the us and Turkey do, which it can use to extradite those who commit terrorists acts against us citizens.

Elad, alon, phd, thesis, pdf

elad alon thesis

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71 On 26 innovative June, the Israel Security Agency identified two hamas members as key suspects in the kidnapping, whom Palestinian police noted, had gone missing since the night of the kidnapping. 1 72 73 High-ranking members of Hamas denied that the group had any involvement or foreknowledge of the incident. 13 The two named suspects hail from the qawasameh clan, notorious for consistently acting against Hamas's policies and its attempts to reach an entente dubious discuss with Israel. 74 Hamas political chief Khaled Meshal said he could neither confirm nor deny the kidnapping of the three israelis, and he congratulated the abductors, because "our prisoners must be freed from the prisons of the occupation". 75 Initially a number of groups, some previously unknown, claimed responsibility for the kidnappings: The Al-Aqsa martyrs' Brigades (subsequently denied 76 a west Bank Branch of Islamic State in Iraq and the levant, brigades of Global Jihad, ahrar ar-Khalil (Liberators Battalion of Hebron and Regiments. 5 77 It was not clear how true their claims were, and the middle three were not considered credible. 78 Suspects arrest After the kidnap of the Israeli teens, Israel commenced Operation Brother's keeper in the west Bank.

Israel killed 9 Palestinians and raided 1300 properties including commercial and residential buildings. 800 Palestinians were arrested without charge or trial. 79 On Israel announced that Israeli security forces adarsh arrested Hussam Kawasme, in Shuafat, in connection with the murders. 80 During interrogation, kawasme admitted to being the mastermind behind the attack, in addition to securing the funding from Hamas. 81 Kawasme stated that after the boys were killed, marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu aysha drove to his house, and they proceeded to bury them in Halhoul, the land Kawasme purchased only a few weeks prior.

Among Palestinians there were 43 fatalities in the first half of the year plus 1860 injuries. 52 Tension was also increased by Israel's opposition to the formation of a hamas-Fatah unity government, with threats of sanctions 53 and the burgeoning issue of prisoners and the violation of the Shalit agreement Mutual attacks on each other by Israel and gaza continued,. 57 mainstream western media ascribe the initiation of the major 2014 conflict to the kidnapping of the three israeli teenagers. 58 Some news analysts believe that earlier clashes might also have played a role in the chain of events. On 15 may, two palestinian teenagers were shot dead during the nakba commemorations in the beitunia killings.

An autopsy report published on 9 June proved the death of one of them to be due to "live fire. Not rubber bullets." The Israeli foreign Ministry web site emphasizes rocket fire from gaza as being the reason for the idf war on gaza. 66 67 Victims eyal Yifrach, 19, lived in El'ad, citation needed naftali Fraenkel (also spelled Frenkel 16, was a dual Israeli-American citizen and lived in Nof ayalon. Citation needed gilad Shaer was a resident of the Israeli settlement of Talmon. Citation needed eyal Yifrah was a student at the Shavei hevron Yeshiva ( he ) on King david Street in Hebron. 68 The other two were students of the mekor Chaim yeshiva at Kfar Etzion in the west Bank 's Area c under full Israeli administration. 69 70 Suspects Initial suspected perpetrators Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Hamas killed the teenagers. 32 But opinions were divided within Israel's security services as to whether or not the two suspects had direct ties to hamas.

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Goldberg, the military indictment contains no evidence of orders from Hamas itself and strengthens the thesis that the incident was organized by the qawasmeh family paradise alone from start to finish. 46 According to Amos Harel and Chaim levinson, the kidnappers planned to wait a few days, then contact senior Hamas operatives in the hebron area, to manage the hostage and negotiate a prisoner swap with Israel. In their view it appears doubtful that any senior Hamas official would have been ready to accept that kind of risk. 33 On 23 September 2014, after Israel killed the two suspects, marwan Qawasmeh and Amar Abu-Isa (aka amer Abu aysha) in a shootout, idf chief. Benny gantz announced that Operation Brother's keeper "has come to an end." 47 On, hussam Qawasmeh, a member of Hamas, was jailed and sentenced to three life terms in prison for the murders. He must also pay 63,000 in compensation to the victims' families. 48 Contents Background 2013 was a calm period with the november 2012 ceasefire being largely respected, despite 50 rockets fired by palestinians and 10 airstrikes by Israel. 49 According to pchr 44 Palestinians were killed and over 100 injured, 50 while the Israeli security Agency reported six Israeli fatalities (all but one from the west Bank) and 44 injuries. 51 The first half of 2014 saw an increase in tension manifested by a higher rate of injuries.

elad alon thesis

Following nursing this line of investigation may have delayed the capture of Hussam al-Qarasme, who was only arrested on 10 July. 33 al-Arouri, one of the founders of Hamas's military wing, made his comments at a conference in Istanbul, where he lives in exile. 37 37 The Israeli defense establishment thinks that Arouri is unconnected with the kidnapping, and was boasting. 33 Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said that some hamas members had kidnapped and murdered the Israeli teens but stated that they were not acting on orders from the hamas leadership, which he said, were "not aware of this action taken by this group of Hamas. Meshaal, who has headed Hamas' exiled political wing since 2004, has denied being involved in the "details" of Hamas "military issues". 44 he praised the kidnappers hoping the action could lead to the release of Palestinian prisoners. 45 According.

"What he said during interrogation was that he was responsible for ordering the kidnapping and that "the orders came from him personally." 28 On 26 June, the Israel Security Agency released the identities of two hamas suspects in the kidnapping. 1 Both isa and Palestinian authorities said that the two men have been missing since the night of the kidnapping, and the isa stated that both had engaged in terrorism, been arrested, and served time in the past, and were considered suspects immediately after the. A senior Palestinian intelligence official said off the record that their disappearance constituted clear evidence the two suspects have links with the abduction. 2 On 30 June, search teams found the bodies of the three missing teenagers in a field north-west of Hebron. 29 30 They had apparently been shot dead shortly after the abduction. 31 Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a tough response to the killings. 32 On, a hamas official Salah al-Arouri, who had been publicly identified as the mastermind of the operation several days after the kidnapping, on 19 June, 33 said that the organization's armed wing, the izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, was behind the kidnapping and murder. The Shin Bet had been investigating him in the belief that he ran a major Hamas network in the west Bank, headed by riad Nasser of deir Qadis, near Ramallah, and that he was behind the kidnapping.

The, israel Defense forces initiated, operation Brother's keeper hebrew :, mivtza shuvu ahim ) in search of the three teenagers. 10, as part of the operation, in the following 11 days Israel arrested around 350 Palestinians, including nearly all of Hamas ' west Bank leaders. 14 five palestinians were killed during the military operation. On 15 June, israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said slip that the teens had been kidnapped by hamas, 3 19 which Hamas denied. 3 Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas maintained that as of 22 June there was no evidence that Hamas was behind the kidnapping. 20 On 25 July, bbc correspondent Jon Donnison tweeted that Israeli police spokesman Mickey rosenfeld stated that the kidnappings did not occur on the orders of, or with the knowledge of the hamas leadership, and that the crime was the action of a "lone cell". Sheera Frenkel had reported similar views from Israel and Palestinian sources some ten days earlier. 24 25 Rosenfeld later denied having used the words "lone cell". 25 On 5 August, Israel said that it had arrested Hussam Qawasmeh, a cousin of Marwan Qawasmeh, on 11 July, who is suspected of having organized the killing of the three teenagers.

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On, three, israeli teenagers were kidnapped at the bus/ hitchhiking stop at the, israeli settlement. Alon Shvut in, gush Etzion, in the, west Bank, as they were hitchhiking to their homes. 3, the three teens short were naftali Frenkel (16, from. Nof ayalon gilad Shaer (16, from, talmon and eyal Yifrah (19, from. 4 5, gilad Shaer called a police emergency hotline to report the kidnapping. 6, the emergency call recording, initially under a gag order, was leaked to the public. 6, after Shaer's whispered message "They kidnapped me the taped call also recorded shouting in Arabic from the kidnappers and several volleys of automatic gunfire. 6 7, within days, Israeli investigators, though lacking conclusive proof, strongly suspected the teenagers had been killed, and, if so, knew where the victims' bodies would probably have been dumped. 8 9, idf's Nahal Brigade conducting a search in the hebron area.

Elad alon thesis
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